Richard II (2015)

February 13-15 and 19-21, 2015
at the Hangar Theatre

"Richard II is a riveting play. The cast is uniformly terrific. And I should make special note of the two actors in the two pivotal roles. John Keese is extraordinary as Richard (nicely evoking the otherworldly quality of someone who has been a king since he was ten — raised in a proverbial bubble). And Michael Donato is equally outstanding as the incoming King Henry who wrests Richard's crown from him (with, by turns, great vigor, anger, confusion and humanity)."
Ithaca Times

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Richard II will be the first production in ISC's cycle of Shakespeare's history plays. Taken together, these plays might be Shakespeare's greatest achievement — an epic sequence of eight plays telling a continuous story of 100 years of conflict over the English throne.

Richard II is the play that starts it all. When Richard abuses his power as king, Henry Bolingbroke rises up against him — and sets in motion the cycle of conflict and rebellion that will lead England into the chaos of civil war during the Wars of the Roses.

Featuring some of Shakespeare's most beautiful and moving poetic speeches, Richard II is the tale of two kings — one who must lose everything in order to find himself, and another whose actions sow the seeds for the conflict that will engulf the nation for nearly a century.

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