2016: A Mini Renaissance Festival Before Each Show

A humble beginning

The Ithaca Shakespeare Company is proud to be hosting Ithaca's first renaissance festival event! Drawing from our area's immense pool of creative resources, we hope that it will become a yearly event of great renown!

At the present, we only have resources to have a "mini" festival for a couple of hours before each performance, but it's a start!

Ways to support the festival:

  • Buy tickets to see the performances of Twelfth Night and Henry VI.
  • Make a tax-deductable donation! ISC is a non-profit organization, and ticket sales make up only part of our annual expenses!
  • Volunteer to be an usher to help ISC and audiences with a multitude of tasks -- and see a performance for free!
  • Add your artistic talent to the festival, and see a performance for free!
  • Plan to attend! Wear a costume, if you have one!
  • Support the festival performers, artists, and vendors! Bring a few extra dollars to spend to support local artists!
  • Tell your friends! Face-to-face, or even on Facebook!
  • We heartily thank you for your support -- and willingness to overlook any rough edges -- as we figure out the details.

When is it?

Before ISC 2016 summer performances, which run on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays from July 7-24, 2016. Ren Faire activities would begin around 4:00 p.m. and end around 5:50 p.m. when the "house" opens for the show.

Where is it happening?

Allan H. Treman State Marine Park, near the marina on the Cayuga inlet. The Ithaca Shakespeare Company performances will take place in the cottonwood grove. Other artists and performers will position themselves in grassy areas along the walk from the parking area to the cottonwood grove.

Artists and Artisans Schedule

Mounted medieval jousting by Paragon Jousting on July 16 and 17!