Acting Shakespeare Classes

ISC offers both introductory and advanced classes in acting Shakespeare. For more information or to sign up for a class, click on the links below.

Acting Shakespeare: Foundations

This is a new class aimed at actors who want to perform Shakespeare but don't feel comfortable with the language. This class will focus on reading and understanding Shakespeare, finding the character in the text, and preparing a scene or monologue. Build confidence and a solid foundation of technique for more advanced training (like our advanced class below) or performing!

An Introduction to Acting Shakespeare

If you've ever watched actors onstage and wondered what goes into creating their performances, this is your chance to find out! This introductory class is for anyone who wants to explore the art and process of acting Shakespeare.

Experience Shakespeare from the actor's point of view — no previous acting experience required!

Acting Shakespeare: Process, Priorities, and Performance

This is ISC's in-depth acting class, aimed at actors with some training and/or experience (though not necessarily in Shakespeare) who want to explore the technique of acting Shakespeare in more detail.