Acting Shakespeare Classes

ISC offers both introductory and advanced classes in acting Shakespeare. Sign up for the one that seems most appropriate for you, or take them both in sequence — the introductory class is perfect preparation for the more advanced scene and character study class.

Introduction to Acting Shakespeare

This course is intended as a general introduction to the fundamental techniques of acting Shakespeare. We’ll take you step-by-step through the process of learning to read Shakespeare like an actor, finding the clues in the script to craft a performance, speaking Shakespeare effectively, approaching and breaking down long speeches, auditioning for Shakespeare, and working on a Shakespearean scene.

Students of any experience level are welcome, but you should start with this course if:

  • you’re relatively new to Shakespeare and/or acting
  • you’re intimidated by Shakespeare or don’t feel comfortable reading his plays
  • you’re not sure how serious you are about acting Shakespeare, but you want to explore it
  • you have limited out-of-class time to work on scenes

This course is strongly recommended for actors with limited experience in Shakespeare who want to audition for ISC's season productions.

The majority of the work will be done during class time in this course. Required out-of-class work will be minimal.

Acting Shakespeare: Character and Scene Study

This course will take a group of actors in detail through the process of creating a character and preparing a scene in the practical, real-world context of work on a specific play. The goal is to help each actor develop a practical, repeatable process for building fascinating, lifelike characters and crafting riveting, nuanced performances from a Shakespearean script.

You should choose this class if:

  • you have some acting training and/or experience (not necessarily in Shakespeare)
  • you’re relatively comfortable reading Shakespeare
  • you’re serious about learning to act Shakespeare at a high level
  • you’re willing and able to work on scenes with a partner outside of class time

This course would be ideal for someone who has been through our introductory course and wants to go deeper. Actors are welcome to repeat this class and work on different characters each time.

Some out-of-class work will be necessary, including individual preparation and memorization and work with a partner on scenes.

Watch this site and our Facebook page for information about our next round of classes!