Acting Shakespeare: Foundations

This class is aimed at actors who want to perform Shakespeare but are intimidated by or don't feel comfortable with the language. The goal is to build a solid foundation of skills and technique that you can apply to any role.

This is a practical, hands-on class that will have you immersed in Shakespeare's text from day one. You'll leave with a process and a set of tools that will allow you to approach any Shakespearean role with confidence. 

Topics covered include:

  • how to set yourself up for success when reading Shakespeare
  • the major sources of difficulty in Shakespeare's language, and specific strategies for dealing with them
  • finding the character in the text: where to look and what to look for
  • making sense of scenes — and then making them come alive
  • approaching a longer speech
  • auditioning for Shakespeare

Students should have some training or experience in acting, but not necessarily in Shakespeare. There will be some line memorization and out-of-class "homework" required.

We will be offering this class again in fall 2022.

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