Introduction to Acting Shakespeare

March 7 - 28, 2020
Saturdays 3-5 pm
All classes at the Just BeCause Center, 1013 W. State St

If you've ever watched an actor onstage and wondered what went into creating their performance, this is your chance to find out!

This introductory class, led by ISC Artistic Director Stephen Ponton, is for anyone who wants to explore the art and process of acting Shakespeare. No previous acting experience is required!

If you are a more experienced actor looking for an in-depth exploration of Shakespearean acting technique, click here to learn more about our advanced Acting Shakespeare course.

Some of the things we'll cover in this class include:

  • how actors read Shakespeare differently from everyone else
  • how actors attempt to "reverse engineer" real life on the stage
  • how to break down Shakespeare's language, deliver it effectively, and get the most meaning out of it
  • how to build a character and approach a scene from Shakespeare
  • what the rehearsal process involves and how actors can contribute to it effectively

You'll practice each step of the process and apply what you've learned by working on specific characters and scenes.

So if you've ever wondered how actors create their performances...

...or you've always wanted to try acting but were afraid or never had the time...

...or if you just love Shakespeare and want to explore his works from a different perspective...

...then this is the class for you!

Space is limited. For more information, e-mail us at

Cost: $79. To register and pay online, click the button below:

A minimum number of registrations is required for the class to proceed. If a class is canceled, any course fees already paid will be refunded.