About Us

The Ithaca Shakespeare Company is a regional theatre organization in Central New York. Our performances draw thousands of audience members each year, with visitors over the years coming from throughout New York State and from 38 other states and 34 foreign countries.

ISC currently presents an outdoor Shakespeare festival each July, featuring two plays in rotating repertory. The Company has also produced indoor productions in the winter and fall at the Hangar Theatre and other venues in Ithaca. ISC productions have included both Equity and non-Equity actors, with actors and designers coming from throughout Central New York, New York City, Chicago, and elsewhere.

ISC's work has received enthusiastic support over the years from the Tompkins County Strategic Tourism Planning Board, the New York State Council on the Arts, the Tompkins County Community Arts Partnership, and the Cornell Council for the Arts. We have strong ties to the Cornell and Ithaca College Theatre Departments, and our productions often feature the work of faculty, staff, students, and alumni from both institutions.


The Ithaca Shakespeare Company is dedicated to making Shakespeare clear and exciting to everyone. Our goal is to bring Shakespeare's works to life in productions that combine the highest artistic quality with broad audience appeal.

Our approach to Shakespeare is built on the core principles of:

  • dynamic ensemble acting
  • close attention to the details of language, character, and relationship
  • a strong component of physical action
  • staging that forges a historical bond with the practices of Shakespeare's own theatres
  • performances that immerse the audience in the action and emotion of the play.

As an organization, we are committed to:

  • cultivating a supportive and collaborative creative environment for both local and non-local theatre artists
  • presenting theatrical experiences that are powerful, moving, exciting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking for viewers of all ages and backgrounds
  • providing educational programs and materials of exceptional quality for students, theatre personnel, and the general public


From the very beginning, we have had a vision of creating an Ithaca Shakespeare Festival. Given Ithaca's beautiful locations, deep pools of theatrical talent, and unique spirit, there could not be a more perfect place for an event like this.

As we envision it, the Ithaca Shakespeare Festival would:

  • present productions that combine the highest artistic quality with broad audience appeal
  • cultivate an attitude towards our actors and theatre artists that is friendly, welcoming, collaborative, and collegial
  • involve as many segments of the Ithaca community as possible in the festival and the events and activities surrounding it
  • draw audiences to Ithaca from all over the country