Artists, Performers, and Artisans!

Just want to attend?

If you're just wanting to attend, then feel free! You can come in costume, or not, and have fun!

See the general information page for more information.

The information below is mainly for people who would like to play music, perform, or sell things.

Information for artists, performers, and artisans

Note: there will be no selling of alcohol or food (that is not legally packaged for sale) this year. There may be next year, but we don't currently have permits for food preparation or alcohol sales.

What we offer:

  • An audience! Ithaca Shakespeare Company performances typically draw around 4,000 audience members over the course of the summer season. We expect the festival to draw hundreds more!
  • Admission to the night's performance, for you and members of your group who are actively participating in the pre-show festival.
  • A venue: Allan H. Treman State Marine Park features a large, beautiful grass lawn on the shores of Cayuga Lake, with space for many groups and activities. Much like the days of yore, there are no power outlets, no running water, etc. Bring a canopy tent if you have one, or a big sun hat if you don't!
  • Freedom to present your art or organization to the community, to hand out promotional materials, and to sell your wares or to put out a hat for passers-by to toss money into.

What we ask (the "rules"):

Musicians, please note: please check the schedule to see if we have three or more musical acts already listed, and consider not choosing those days on the participant form. Thanks!

  • Some relevance to the pre-industrial era. Did your style of art/performance exist before the industrial age? Would it fit in well with a renaissance festival atmosphere? If so, then you're probably a good match.
  • Self-sufficiency: All of ISC's time, energy, and budget will be going toward the performances. Be sure to bring everything you'll need to make your magic happen!
  • Family-friendly: Your offerings must be appropriate for all-ages.
  • Participant-friendly: This will be our first time doing this. You must be willing to work with ISC and fellow participants as we collectively figure out all of the logistics of putting together a renaissance festival that we can all enjoy.
  • Appropriate sound levels: Musicians and others who make sounds should play for the people near to them, and distance themselves appropriately so that they do not interfere with others. We have lots of space!
  • Quiet during performances! Each evening's performance begins at 6 p.m. We ask all participants to be as quiet as possible after that time.
  • A share of the spoils! We are charging no vendor fees, so if you are selling things, and do some business, please consider a tax-deductible donation of 10% of your proceeds to help us produce next year's festival!

If you're interested in participating as an artist, performer, or artisan, please:

Complete our short participant form.

If you have questions, contact