Richard II (2015)

Audience Comments

"Fantastic. I have seen many of Shakespeare's plays, one in Stratford England and most of his plays in Stratford Ontario. Your performance is right up there with the best."
"Extraordinary acting. I was enthralled."
"Nothing short of amazing."
"Terrific. Both my wife and I came tired after a long week, but were riveted for the entire performance."
"Loved it! The leads were well cast, and everyone had a command of the language. They knew what they were saying, so it was easier to follow as an audience member. The costumes were sublime! The lighting and set were perfect and perfunctory for the space, both added much to setting the (royal) stage. I was particularly impressed with the actors who played Richard and Bollingbroke, and can't wait for Henry IV! I absolutely love the cycle of Histories, and feel as though I've just binge-watched a season of House of Cards and must now wait a year for the next season to be released! Will Bolingbroke wash the blood off? Will Prince Hal curb his (youthful) enthusiasm? Who's going to play Falstaff? And will there be a Wooden O?! All this leading up to Richard III... will there be a hump? I'm hooked, and can't wait! Well done! And thanks!"
"Excellent performance! It was great that the play started with a nice explanation of who's who and the family tree. That really helped as the play has many characters. Richard's soliloquies in the last act were phenomenal. Even though the events happened 600 years ago and the play is 400 years old it is very relevant to modern times where the old order is being swept away in many countries but the incoming rulers struggle to cope with the challenges of ruling."
"The performance was excellent. Earnest acting, swift pacing. Directed in a style that made it easy to follow the many characters and understand the multiple scene locations."
"Really great performance! Was completely transported."
"Wonderful performance. The acting was really good and the introduction before the play began was very helpful. I was struck as always by the complexity of the characters that Shakespeare created. Many of the speeches in the play were very moving."
"Loved it. The family tree in the beginning was helpful. Great costumes."
"Nicely done! I particularly enjoyed the introduction of the characters at the beginning of the play. Would have been an entirely different (and worse) experience without that."
"I thought it was very good, much better than I expected of a local production. I moved here from Chicago and usually see Shakespeare either there or in London and this was the first time I went to a production here. I was pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed my Valentines Day a great deal! Thank you."
"Very good. We really enjoyed it. The introduction of the players at the beginning was very helpful. Name tags would have been good too (just kidding!)."
"My husband and I thought it was great. I especially liked the simplicity of the set design as this allowed us to focus on the actors/actresses and the incredible costumes! Loved it!"
"Richard was outstanding! really made the poetry sing."
"I enjoyed it very much -- went home and read the play afterward, as well as doing the wikipedia search. Very stimulating. I admire the way you really work to make the language understandable. The pre-show show was enjoyable and invaluable in keeping track Staging was clever and appropriate, from what little I understand of period Shakespeare. I enjoyed the comedic scenes, and reading the play I appreciate more how you had to work to find/make them, not so obvious as in some of the plays."
"Very much liked it. I am glad you introduced characters at the start, this made it easy to follow the rest of the play. Great location! Very beautiful and warm. It really felt like being in a different world for a little bit."
"Great. Couldn't improve. I had a wonderful time."
"I really liked the play and the performances - even though I'm not into history at all! I looked at my book of plays ahead of time and closed it quickly when I saw all those words in unfamiliar use! But the actors made it all real and engrossing; the play did not seem long at all. Even though I haven't been into history, I'm actually looking forward to the next in the series. Thanks for changing my perspective!"
"Really good! I read a synopsis of the play prior to going to refresh myself on all the characters. It was a great help to have the cast do the living family tree at the start. Richard and Henry were superbly cast. They were very good actors."
"We liked everything about it, from the professionalism of the acting, the beautiful costuming,the accompanying music, and especially the introduction of characters, preceded by all the newsletter notes. It made it very enjoyable and comprehensible."
"Loved the production! I have never seen a Shakespeare play, but brought my brother for his birthday. Well acted, nicely staged, engaging and fun. You can feel the dedication of the actors - very professional yet personable."