The Tempest (2014)

Audience Comments

Here are some of the things people are saying about The Tempest...

"Enjoyed a STUNNINGLY MAGICAL performance of THE TEMPEST last night, by Ithaca Shakespeare Company at the Hangar Theatre. Wonderful stuff. A powerful experience -- and shared through time and space with countless others over the past 400 years. Really beautiful."

"Amazing show! You all were a spectacular ensemble."

"It was wonderful - so beautiful to look at too - costumes set acting direction. Congratz !!!!"

"So professional, so well rehearsed! Loved it!"

"The staging was excellent - the stage movement, especially the Tempest scene at the beginning, was perfectly choreographed and executed."

"OMG, it's amazingly fabulous -- MUST SEE! I was curious to see how this great little company, used to outdoor and 'black box' performance space would scale up to a bigger theatre. They have risen to the challenge magnificently -- set, lighting and sound design were absolutely wonderful enhancements to the always reliably wonderful performances and direction. Of course the costumes were gorgeous too! Many ISC favorites turning in top performances, and some stunning newcomers too! Thank goodness there are more seats available than the Fall Creek performance space!"

"We really thought the multiple Ariel idea was a successful and novel one. Good job!"

"I thought the performance was great! I loved the way Ariel was represented. I couldn't tell if the voice was pre-recorded or live, but either way, the effect was perfect - the different voices captured the various elements of Ariel's personality quite well, I thought."

"This is one of my favorite plays and my husband and I both enjoyed it very much. The 'Ariel Effect' was an interesting portrayal, which we liked. We thought the whole performance was very enjoyable."

"Phenomenal, the actors were incredible. We enjoyed the show immensly and can't wait for the summer play."

"The Tempest is fabulous. Really tight, visually absorbing, focused, emotionally pitch perfect. I am over the top about the handling of Caliban -- that reveal when he stands up at the end is worth the price of admission right there. Thank you."

"Well paced, some great acting. Loved the set, lighting and the atonal rendition of the song in the play."

"It was great - a wonderful night to be transported to a tropical island! The acting was wonderful, as were the sets and costumes."

"I came with friends and we liked it very much. They are new to the area and were enchanted with the opening scene! Costumes were wonderful."

"The night flew by! I sat in the side seats but had almost no problems hearing or with sight lines. I especially loved the lead of Prospero -- I (as many do) conflate the part with Shakespeare himself, his staff with the writer's pen, and his books with his corpus; the actor's performance was natural and absorbing. The sound on the Ariels was clever & worked well. Kudos to the whole cast; everyone did a fine job."

"Loved the performance -- so suitable for kids! Love the new Hangar! More! More! More!"

"The set, the costumes, and the acting was first-rate."

"Awesome. Caliban was superb. The dialogue was well delivered. The Hangar Theater is really nice."

"Very, very good! Nice seating/venue. We enjoyed the evening very much! It was a great way for my wife and I to celebrate our 37th anniversary."

"It was fantastic! Funny and sweet, great performances from every cast member, lovely scenery and perfect length."

"Terrific! Well done and very enjoyable. Love the Hangar! A perfect location for ISC performances."

"Loved it. The proximity to the actors was great. The adjustments made to the text worked well. Very enjoyable. Great space to see a play. Intimate and personal."

"It was fantastic! I never would have thought to portray Ariel that way and it worked wonderfully. Prospero had an excellent handle on the material and I never thought of his final speech as a parallel for Shakespeare himself (thanks for that info in the program)."

"Wow! Everyone was really into their character: Prospero's speeches were well done, Miranda had the wide-eyed innocence down perfectly, Trinculo was amusing, etc etc. Most impressed by Caliban doing the whole crippled thing with his body motion without any props. The idea of seeing his monstrousness and enslavement as racial was thought provoking; it does feel right for interpreting this character. Ariel's music was ethereal, and the idea of having 6 people play her was fun. I was happy - do it again!"

"I really enjoyed the performance. The effects were great. I thought that Alonso and Antonio were exceptional. And Trinculo & Stephano were quite funny."

"Wonderful! I had a 10-year-old and 12-year-old with me, and they loved it, too."

"Beautiful scenery, and well acted by all. Sound and lighting effects were a wonderful addition. Costumes were very authentic. Loved the Hangar Theatre. All seats have a great view and the seats themselves are very comfortable."

"We thoroughly enjoyed last nights performance. Acting, costumes, production - all aspects. Thought Ariel was quite innovative. There were 3 of us and we all enjoyed it very much."

"Performance was excellent! Great cast, wonderful scenery/lighting, and crafty, interesting directorial choices, esp. the way Ariel was done."

"I loved it. Funny and well acted. The acting and set was impressive. Well put together as always!!!! I love your productions."

"It is an amazing show! I thought it was better and I enjoyed it more then the stage production/movie staring Christopher Plummer."

"A play so good I had to see it twice: opening and closing nights."

"I thought the overall performance was very strong. Prospero was amazing, and the staging of the 6 women as Ariel was beautifully executed. The lighting and effects were fantastic."

"The performance was great. The way Ariel was done was especially good. The multiple voices, speaking in almost unison, the multiple bodies, acting as one, good idea. At the beginning, I thought Ariel was going to be merely a voice, which would have been interesting, but the many bodies was even better."

"Great! This was our first time seeing a production of the Ithaca Shakespeare Company. We came away very impressed. Everything from lighting, sound, stage design, costumes, and acting was very well done."

"Thank you for all you do and bringing Shakespeare to us all. Tremendous work and beautiful production."