Hamlet / Love's Labour's Lost (2014)

Audience Comments

Here are some of the things people are saying about the shows...

Love's Labour's Lost

"Fantastic, the level of talent is equal to anywhere in the world. I can't think of a better venue. The whole experience was great!"
"Excellent - we were laughing out loud, and smiling throughout. It was such fun, and just what we had in mind."
"The performance was exceptional. The cast was uniformly wonderful, not a weak performance in the lot - good humored, wonderfully comical, just excellent. I came with four other women. They are theater-goers. Uniformly, they were full of praise and loved it."
"Rollicking good fun! It was as if I had an intimate look at a reunion of dear friends who always had a good time in each other's company. The troupe rendered the language lively and clear. Thank you so much for a magical evening!"
"A sparkling jewel of comic perfection!"
"Great, really funny and different. I was not previously familiar with this play. Costumes were great, the Spaniard was was my favorite character."
"Funny, witty, totally entertaining."
"Enjoyed it immensely! Lovely location."
"A very impressive performance. Well designed, well directed and well acted. Good show!"
"A Delight! Thoroughly enjoyed our first time visit to the Cornell Plantations Theatre. Good audience, fine performance and beautiful location."
"It was a wonderful evening - very entertaining. The facial and body expressions were as entertaining as the text. The script was brought to life in numerous ways."


"It was really stellar. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The projection was incredible. I made eye contact with the actors, and it neither broke their concentration nor burst the bubble of the story for me. Fantastic night. Thank you."
"Awesome. Actors are very talented."
"Best HAMLET I've ever seen. And I've seen a few!"
"Ooooo we LOVED it!! Our 8 year old daughter was riveted as well. I had not seen Hamlet for a number of years and our family loved putting the pieces of the puzzle together later and recounting the story. Loved the way the voices of the actors rang throughout the open air."
"It is so refreshing to see a performance that makes me think anew about a play that I know so intimately - and that was certainly the case with last night's performance. It is such a treat to see Shakespeare so finely acted right here in Ithaca! Thank you."
"This was the first time I have loved Shakespeare. The actors brought the story to life; it was humorous yet emotional. Location: Perfect!!"
"Fantastic! Ophelia's flower speech moved me to tears, Hamlet did a great job, and generally the interpretation of the characters seemed spot on."
"I'll never forget my 7 year old son insisting on seeing Hamlet a second time, and stating emphatically "I like tragedies more than comedies." Thanks for bringing this to Ithaca!"
"I thought that the acting was phenomenal. As always, Steve uses a minimalist approach with the set and the actors make beautiful use of the stage. I became emotional during the ending when the actors were dropping like flies. I was especially sad when Hamlet died. What a show."
"Fantastic! Theo made Hamlet so amazing for us! He was so inspiring to our ten yr old son."
"Very well done, especially the lead. A very intriguing, moody interpretation. Also, my guess is, the director chose information for the script that is not usually presented. There seemed to be more humor than I recalled from prior viewings."
"Wonderful actors. Enjoyed the performance immensely. Delighted with sound system."
"Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. Acting and staging were excellent. The Hamlet actor was terrific. First time seeing a performance at the Plantations. Something about being there enhanced the 'magic' - we were really transported away from everyday life. Also, it was very relaxing, and fun bringing a picnic supper."
"Wonderful! All the actors were great, Hamlet was exceptional, a new and persuasive imagining of the character. Liked the incidental music from Beethoven's Eroica."
"The play was very well done. My first time attending one of the Shakespeare plays at the Plantations. Will definitely attend more. Bravo and thank you."
"Great! Beautiful atmosphere, great stage, great actors! Thank you!"
"Excellent. Hamlet led the way, but the rest of the cast also played their roles with both strength and subtlety. It was first time at the plantations, and it was beautiful."
"Production was wonderful! Hamlet extraordinary; all supporting cast members outstanding! Fights were superb! Great site for viewing the Bard! Keep doing it!"
"It was great!! Ophelia was especially awesome."
"I thought it was fantastic. I thought Hamlet did a great job and was very adept at acting the humor as well as the intense scenes."
"Loved the performance. Hamlet himself did an amazing job! I came with my sister who is more of a Shakespeare fan than I BUT the way the dialogue and story was presented was easy for me to follow and understand even without reading the program first. The location among the trees, set design especially the open area below the stage for Ophelia and stairs and area around the top castle were very effective. THANK YOU!"
"It was very impassioned. We greatly enjoyed the interpretation of the insanity of Hamlet. The voices of the actors projected quite well and the performances were wonderful."
"Great! Enjoyed the show. I liked how Hamlet is portrayed, different from others I've seen."
"Excellent; easy to understand and follow; very entertaining."
"Encouraged by some provocative acting and minimalist stage set to listen anew to the power of the language, to Shakespeare's emphasis on words. That, of course, was the point. Shakespeare had lost a young son named Hamnet. Could he be examining his career choice in the play? Thanks for the engaging performance."