Othello / Much Ado About Nothing (2013)

Audience Comments

Here are some of the things people are saying about the shows...

Much Ado About Nothing

"It was fabulous! It's become a tradition for us and we are never disappointed!! Loved it!"
"It was the most wonderful production of 'Much Ado About Nothing' I've ever seen -- including movies!"
"Great show as always! A beautiful performance of one of my favorite Shakespeare plays. Many thanks!"
"I enjoyed both the play and the ambiance of the location. This is, I think, the most enjoyable live theater experience I've had. Even the pre-performance request to turn off cell phones was done in a way that it was actually heeded by people in the audience!"
"Great show! We really enjoyed it. First time my son had seen Shakespeare live."
"Brilliant, sparkling opening night!"
"I thought it was terrific! All the acting was superb and the woodsy setting was perfect. Paying for reserved seating made me feel like a part of the action. Thanks so much for making this opportunity possible."
"Outstanding! Acting, costumes, set, all so much better in the outdoors! I haven't been to outdoor theater since my daughters were growing up. I'll be back for Othello and hopefully with one of my now adult daughters!"
"The show was excellent! The time just flew by - I really thought everyone's comedic timing was great, and I was thoroughly entertained."
"Thought the show was fantastic! Especially loved Beatrice and Benedick and Dogberry and his 'helpful' band of constables."
"Loved it!! Benedick especially was amazing - he made the Shakespearean dialogue sound so natural and current. Great all around though. Very nice experience to picnic at the plantations while watching. Reserved seating was terrific perk."
"Great production, great value!"
"It was a wonderful production! The acting was superb with tremendous entertainment value. All four of us were really taken with the play. I can only say that you contine to do what you are doing. On the administrative side, we were pleased and surprised to see that we had four reserved seats with my name on them right up front waiting for us. That was clearly a touch of class. Keep up the good work and we all will be back for sure."
"What a wonderful evening! I brought my parents last night and enjoyed it so much I will be coming back with my friends. The cast did a fantastic job!!!"
"I really enjoyed it. I've never been to one of your productions before, and I thought it was great. Also really impressed by the costumes."
"The production was great and it was a lovely evening. It was the first time we've come to one of your shows and it was our 10 year old son's first Shakespeare experience. He loved it! Thanks!!"
"Excellent production. The acting, especially by both of the couples, in the show was outstanding. Awesome choreography as well. Impressed."
"Really fun. What a great place to see a show."
"I really enjoyed the show. This was my first Shakespeare play since seeing part of one over 30 years ago at the Renaissance Fair in Sterling, NY. It was easy to follow and entertaining. It was a wonderful setting for the play."
" 'Much Ado About Nothing' was delightful and engaging. The play moved along at a good clip, the jokes and double entendres were emphasized, and the characters were believable. The overall ambience was lovely for a summer evening."
"We had a wonderful time at the performance last evening. The setting was beautiful and the acting authentic. Your production selections this year lend interesting opportunities for contrast and comparison. We will be back!!"
"Wonderful! Language was clear, sharp and well delivered. Nicely staged. The perfect setting."
"It was great - all the actors were terrific. I brought four 14 year olds and we sat with other young teens. They all loved it."
"It was great! Really fun. Very clear. The microphones were set up very well so that all the voices carried all the way to the back. Thank you for providing chairs!"
"I love this play and thought it was a particularly good performance. The dances were particularly well done, too. Great job, everyone! Not to mention the weather was perfect..."
"It was great! Strong cast, excellent direction, good costuming, clever set. Really appreciated the sound system."
"We all loved the play. It was an experience that compares favorably with what I experienced as an undergrad doing a year abroad at Oxford (many years ago). So many talented people giving wonderful performances. Loved it."
"This was the first time my husband and I attended one of your productions. We absolutely loved it. The setting in the woods was perfect. We actually intend to go back again this week and bring our grandson to see the same show."
"Incredible. Thank you for all the effort you guys put into these productions. I definitely want to see them all now."
"I first discovered the company two years ago and went to see a show and I fell in love. Ever since I check the paper every year to find out your schedule."
"I was at the Sunday performance and I just wanted to say how great the show was. It was very funny and everyone had a very strong performance."


"It is experiences like this that cause us to pat ourselves on the back for our brilliant recent move to the area. We thoroughly enjoyed the play; it was a brisk and engaging performance by a very skilled cast in a beautiful setting. Because the players 'get' Othello, we were drawn in to the drama and occasional bits of humor throughout. You even arranged for perfect evening weather. We will be back!"
"This was the first time we ever attended one of your shows and we loved it! Beautiful show, beautiful setting and it was a wonderful cultural experience. I would like to see 3 shows offered per summer!"
"I thought the performance was great and the actors were all so good, so EXTREMELY good, that it would be wrong to single out any one of them at the expense of the others."
"Our students really enjoyed the play and have been talking about it ever since they left the park. We are so grateful to have institutions like the Shakespeare Company at Ithaca because it enables us to expose our high school students to literature and live theater. Thank you for creating such an amazing space for us to bring our youth to. We hope to come back to see more."
"We loved the performance! Really good."
"Awesome -- loved it. Everyone was great, but standouts were Iago and Othello. Very happy that the weather held out for all of us!"
"That was amazing! We were all floored by it."
"I loved that the play was so engaging that I hardly noticed the rain and then later I quite enjoyed that I was sitting in the rain and it didn't matter at all. We could not miss the dramatic ending!"
"I'm still shaking. Even though I knew what was going to happen, the tension was overwhelming."
"Excellent production. The actors playing the parts of Othello and Iago were especially good. This has become a treasured community resource."
"This was my second experience seeing Shakespeare performed live and it has given me a whole new appreciation for the work. Previously I had only read it and to be honest, didn't really enjoy it. ISC brought alive the humanity and humor within the words. First rate acting, directing and choreography! I didn't expect to enjoy the experience nearly as much as I did and greatly look forward to future productions!"
"My first one, and it was great fun! The acting, staging, costumes, set, surrounding - all professional and engaging. You can count on my return next year."
"I thought the staging was perfect and made sense. It was easy to visualize the rooms/environment in which the scene was set. The acting was well done and believable. The actors drew me in to their world and tragedy. You all make it easy to appreciate Shakespeare!"
"Shakespeare at the plantations is absolutely one of my favorite things to do in the summer. I find it enchanting."
"What a great production! Desdemona and Othello were particularly excellent. The scenes between the two of them were electric."
"Outstanding! A little slow to start, but became absolutely spellbinding. Vivid emotions, excellent cast, beautiful setting."
"Great show. We loved it! All performers were awesome!!!!"
"The performance was outstanding. Each and every performer was terrific, especially the leads were outstanding. Bravo to Othello."
"Fantastic. I so enjoyed it. Was moved by it. All performers were into their parts. Well designed. Lovely under the oak trees. Perfect spot. I cheer you onward."
"This was a magnificent performance. It moved me to tears. Othello was excellent and so was Iago. It was surprising performance from such a young actor."
"We've been going to your productions in the Arboretum for years, and have always been impressed by the quality of the acting and the way the setting is used. We were not disappointed this time! Neither were 2 friends, living near "the City" and who frequent productions there -- in fact they thought it was great. The main characters just got better and better as the play progressed; they seemed to become their characters the more they played them. Thank you so much for continuing these marvelous performances!"
"We thought the show was absolutely wonderful. I was unfamiliar with the story line of Othello, so I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen. Everyone as usual was terrific! Cannot wait until next year's performances. Thank you!!"