A Midsummer Night's Dream and As You Like It (2011)

Audience Comments

Thanks to everyone who came to see our shows this summer, and thanks to all who provided feedback to us. Here are some of the wonderful things people had to say about the shows...

A Midsummer Night's Dream

"The best production of this play I've ever seen!"
"Absolutely stupendous."
"I was crying with laughter at the mechanicals."
"It was super awesome. Best I've seen yet. The children with us laughed and enjoyed it all."
"Funniest death scene EVER!"
"Our whole family loved it!"
"I have seen Shakespeare productions all over the world and yours are wonderful. "
"You bring such a fresh energy to these plays!"
"SO wonderful - thanks for making our trip to Ithaca so memorable!!"
"Cool and funny."
"The actors were tremendously talented."
"Amazing. The actors worked with the audience and off of each other really well."
"The setting is perfect and the costumes were wonderfully inspired. I loved the feeling that the actors were playing to the common folk, not English majors."
"The sword dance was awesome."
"Such a spellbinding, clairvoyant, so well-timed and articulate and far-reaching embodiment of the play..."

As You Like It

"One of the best productions you've ever done."
"The wrestling match was brilliant."
"Even the minor roles were fully realized characters."
"It was fantastic. My granddaughter (12 years old) came with me and she was just amazed. She loves theater and this performance really energized her to continue with acting lessons."
"You just keep getting better and better."
"I just discovered this Ithaca treasure - funny since I've lived here for 25 years! What a wonderful experience."
"The cast was great, and the show was tremendous."
"I've seen several other professional productions of this play, and yours was by far the best."
"The acting was superb. Each actor was amazingly talented!!!"
"The best Rosalind I've ever seen."
"The new stages are wonderful, allowing us to see everything and everyone so clearly."
"The PERFECT rendition of the play."
"Thank you for what you're doing. This is such a gift."