Macbeth (2010)

Poster design by Melanie Uhlir

In July 2010, the Ithaca Shakespeare Company continued its journey through the great tragedies with Shakespeare's most concentrated thriller, a profound examination of the psychology of guilt and the forces that influence human action.... Macbeth.

This feast of swordfights, soliloquies, and the supernatural came complete with a whole coven of witches, an evocative ruined castle set, thrilling stage combat sequences, and a cast of more than 30 actors.

Here are a few of the things people are saying about the show:

"Oh my God, that was so cool."
"I knew it would be good, but it FAR exceeded my expectations!"
"Fabulous! Wonderful! Each production has been even better than the last!"
"Everyone, even in the tiny roles, gave compelling and interesting performances. There really was not a weak link in the cast."
"It was absolutely fantastic! It was the first time my 10 year old daughter attended a live 'Shakespeare in the Park' performance, and she loved it!"
"Superb acting and swordsmanship."
"Your shows are the entertainment highlight of my summers."
"What you do is the best theatre in Ithaca."
"Dazzling command of the language."
"I've seen the Royal Shakespeare Company do this play. You guys are right up there with them."
"The witches were brilliantly conceived and executed."
"Superb...atmospheric, relentless, and precise in every detail. I cannot wait to see what ISC has in store for next summer."
"There wasn't one person up there who didn't know exactly what they were doing, and for Shakespeare that is rare."
"The way the action surrounded the audience, I really felt like I was right there in the middle of the story."
"Highly recommended."
"Absolutely amazing."
"I urge everyone to see this play."
"My children loved it so much we came again. We liked it even better the second time."
"What a great evening it was...Such great fun on so many levels!"
"The sounds the witches made just bored into your bones. It was spine-chilling."
"During one of the soliloquies, a hawk flew right over the stage and perched in one of the trees. It was so beautiful and so completely appropriate for the play!"
"It was obvious that there was so much love put into the production from everyone involved. I'm still in the afterglow."

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