Summer 2024

"The very best summer thing." -- Warren Greenwood, Ithaca Times

July 18-21 and 24-28, 2024

All shows at 6 pm at Robert H. Treman State Park

The first play in our new Completing the Canon project!

All's Well That Ends Well is part fairy tale, part romantic comedy, part coming of age story -- and part radical deconstruction of all of the above.

It's the story of Helena, one of Shakespeare's great heroines -- a physician’s daughter and a skilled healer in her own right, who falls in love with a young nobleman. He turns out to be interested in every woman except her...not that she has any intention of letting that stand in her way!

There's also a braggart soldier whose bluff is called, an uproarious mock kidnapping and a made-up language, a war, a seduction, a parade, a pilgrimage, a funeral, a wedding, a bunch of riddles, a bunch of rings, and multiple instances of what might appear to be miracles...

Watch for more details coming soon!

July 18-21 and 24-28, 2024

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  • the Tompkins County Tourism Program