Robert H. Treman State Park

The Ithaca Shakespeare Company will be presenting its 2019 summer season at Robert H. Treman State Park, one of the true treasures of the region.

Read more about the new location here

Entrance fees to the park will be waived for audience members coming to see our productions — just tell the booth attendant you're there to see our show!

Directions and map

  • See a map and get driving directions
  • or set your GPS device address to "125 Upper Park Road, Newfield, NY"
  • General directions: Take route 13 south from downtown. Turn right on NYS route 327 and follow that road for about 3 miles to the Upper Entrance. There is an entrance to the park right after you turn onto route 327, but this is the Lower Entrance and it is NOT the one you want! Keep going to the second entrance you see, about 3 miles along.

Rain policy

Performances are rarely cancelled ahead of time, since weather forecasts can change frequently before the start time. If there is a very high chance of thunderstorms or other dangerous weather conditions, a decision may be made to cancel the show approximately two hours before the start time. In that case, we will post the information on our website and Facebook page and send an email to everyone who has purchased advance tickets to that show.

Once a performance has started, it will continue in most weather. We are required for safety reasons to stop in the event of a thunderstorm, and we may need to stop the performance in the event of heavy rain. We will attempt to continue the performance after the storm passes if possible.

Please note: No refunds can be given due to bad weather unless the entire performance is cancelled in advance.


Reserved Seating: If you order reserved seating online, we will reserve a seat for you in the first two rows of chairs closest to the stage. The chairs we set up for you will be simple folding chairs, but you are welcome to bring your own lawn chairs and switch them out when you arrive. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes before the performance begins to be sure you can be seated without disrupting the performance.

General Admission: We have a small number of folding chairs available, but be sure to arrive early if you want them. Otherwise, bring your favorite folding chairs, picnic blanket (and picnic basket!) or what-have-you to sit on.

Walking distance, accessibility for wheel chairs, etc.

The performance space is located a short distance from the parking area. There is a paved path for part of the distance, and the ground in and near the performance area is firm and mostly level grass lawn with some gentle slopes. If you will be bringing chairs, ice chests, food, or other supplies, you may wish to bring some mode of conveyance of those items.

Golf car shuttle for mobility-impaired patrons!

To accommodate the physically impaired, the Shakespeare Company will provide golf cart transport from the parking lot to the performance area.

Food and drink

Bring snacks, drinks, a picnic, or whatever suits your fancy. Please clean up after yourself and make sure your activities won't cause much noise, or other distractions to other audience members.

Restrooms, water, trash, and recycling

Restrooms are available near the performance location. Robert Treman State Park is carry-in, carry-out location, so please be prepared to take any garbage out of the park with you.