Romeo and Juliet / The Taming of the Shrew (2012)

Audience Comments

Here are some of the things people are saying about the shows...

Romeo and Juliet

"A beautiful, triumphant production."
"This was one of the best Shakespeare performances I have ever seen."
"Moving production. Excellent acting. Well directed. Beautiful place for Shakespeare."
"Highly entertaining and very professionally done...unusually clearly spoken and with great conviction and energy."
"We were blown away by R&J tonight! Thanks for making a classic shiny new again!"
"I've never seen a better production of this play."
"I knew ISC's would be the best Romeo and Juliet production I'd ever seen but it surpassed even my expectations! I've never seen that play have so much life in it! I want to thank you all for a wonderful evening of brilliantly ALIVE live theatre!"
"I thought the production and acting were terrific, as did everyone else in my party. I didn't know what to expect, but I could kick myself that I've lived in Ithaca for 12 years and didn't know about these wonderful productions. I think one of the most telling things was that it started to rain toward the end of the play, and no one budged."
"A truly enjoyable experience! And what an incredible price! Thank you for making this available to everyone!"
"Loved it. The cast did an enthusiastic and talented job, the set was just the right size and scope, and the venue was perfectly enjoyable! My friend had not read much Shakespeare, and was concerned about getting lost in the thick Elizabethan language, but these professionals did their solid job, conveying timeless meaning. We're blessed to have such talent here."
"You have an excellent company and should be quite proud. The performance compared favorably to those we've seen at the Folger Theater and the (Washington) Shakespeare Theater Company."
"What a terrific show (R&J) tonight! Thanks so much for the well-thought, well-delivered performance. Loved it, and already can't wait for next season."
"I went to see R&J last night and was blown away! The overall quality of the performance was superb. You all brought a lot of freshness to a familiar play."
"The Ithaca Shakespeare Co. productions are always the entertainment highlight of my year and this performance was characteristically fantastic."

The Taming of the Shrew

"Absolutely fantastic! Great cast (even in the extreme heat). Very funny and lively. We could hear everything which isn't always the case. We left thoroughly satisfied."
"Fabulous acting, set, costumes and location. The directing and acting was so good, that I must say this was the first Shakespeare play that I actually laughed out loud over and over! Can't wait to come back again, next summer!"
"We loved the show! The acting was high-quality. We could hear every word. Everyone -- the actors, musicians and audience appeared to be having so much fun it was contagious. Our younger son is a huge Shakespeare fan, so we always go. But even our older son, who is not a drama fan, had an amazing time and thanked us for taking him. We went home laughing at the hilarious scenarios. What a fine summer evening -- we can't wait to go again!"
"Great show. Great timing, good acoustics, good set, wonderful to see actors from previous years and new ones too."
"Very enjoyable. The sound was terrific. We look forward to coming back for Romeo & Juliet."
"Wonderful production in a beautiful setting. Keep up the good work!"
"An excellent production by a fine company. Perfect outdoor setting."
"Great show. Talented cast, beautiful setting, fun audience."
"Fabulous - great acting, well cast. Loved it!"
"Just wanted to say what a wonderful performance of Taming of the Shrew Friday night at Seward House. The performers were wonderful, despite the heat. My husband and I truly enjoyed it."
"Wonderful performance! It was our first time attending an ISC production and we loved it! The ensemble truly enjoyed the play, and the audience was respectful of the players and each other."
"What a wonderful show! Shakespeare...performed beautifully in the Cornell arboretum...under the canopy of gorgeous, giant trees...It was perfect!"
"You guys are wonderful! Last year was our first experience and we set this year's summer Ithaca vacation dates with the centerpiece to see one of your performances. We will be back each year, we are big fans! The cast is wonderful. It makes a summer visit to Ithaca poetic!"