Twelfth Night (2012)

Audience Comments

Here are just a few of the things audiences had to say about Twelfth Night...

"Fantastic. Voices clear and audible, casting superb, staging creative and fluid...I thought it was really masterful."
"Wonderful! The mutual respect and affection between the actors is always obvious with ISC theatre and it makes for great ensemble work. Every actor was committed and brought new life to the roles without anyone trying to upstage others. Brilliant work. Beautiful costuming! And, thanks for pricing it affordably. The space was good; the chairs were comfy. All good!"
"The show was phenomenal! The characters were so three-dimensional and believable. I especially liked the use of space during the performance and how the aisles were used by the actors to bring the space to life. The actors put in 110% into delivering their lines clearly, loudly and with expression. It was an absolute pleasure to see the show!"
"Acting was fantastic, could understand every word that was spoken, loved the venue."
"Consummate Shakespeare. Fun entertainment for a winter's eve."
"What fun! A great job as always by this group. All speeches clear and audible, gestures and expressions conveying meaning so fluidly that language was no barrier to comprehension at all. Comic timing is just perfect. Costumes were very good; Lauren Cowdery is a prize. As good as the Globe, or maybe better, more imaginative."
"Loved it. The actors were fantastic. They really put their all into the performance."
"The show was absolutely wonderful! My husband and I enjoyed the performance from the opening act humorously directing the audience to turn off their cell phones to the climactic ending. This was a super job done by a group of professionals. We will definitely be attending more performances."
"EXCELLENT!! It drew us in and we loved every part of the show. We purchased the dinner and show deal and would definitely do this again! It was a perfect date night for us and we wouldn't change a thing! Thank you soo much!!"
"Absolutely fantastic performances from everyone! It was so clear that the director gave room for actors to create their characters while staying true to the Bard. There were really two plays happening simultaneously: the words and the physical body language — both wonderful and rich. I was also very impressed by the variety of timing. There was a rhythm and variety in speed of scenes and lines that felt like an engaging roller coaster ride. Bravo! p.s. the music was also excellent."
"The show was great! I loved the intimate setting of the theatre, and the acting was superb! Great spirit & fun!!"
"Enjoyed it very much. Was impressed particularly with the clear enunciation, even in the fast-paced parts. It was clear as a bell."
"What a great performance. The company just gets better and better. We love the outdoor performances, but this way we don't have to wait until summer!"
"This is definitely the best play I've been to in ages. Your actors outdid themselves - it was a perfect evening! Twelfth Night is my favorite play and it was brilliant to see it brought alive so well. And your stage space, by the way, was also amazing. I really liked being so close to the actors and it really made it feel much more intimate. Over all it was well worth the price of the tickets and the drive down into town, and I wish all of your shows weren't sold out so that I could go again!"
"It was really excellent! My son and I enjoyed ourselves very much. I would highly recommend the show!"
"All of the characters were wonderfully developed. We are grateful to see Shakespeare done so well, so close at hand. Many thanks! Bravo!"
"Outstanding acting and direction! Truly great! Thank you for bringing high-quality Shakespeare productions to Ithaca."
"Loved it! Great acting, singing, humor and slapstick. Made Shakespeare easy to understand."
"The show was excellent! Dinner at the North Star was absolutely delicious, and we really enjoyed how the play was interpreted and represented. It made the play very accessible and actually laugh out loud funny, which you don't expect from Shakespeare. Bravo!"
"The clearest I've ever heard Shakespeare done."
"I thought it was wonderful. The acting was so professional. My daughter and I enjoyed every moment. We will definitely be in the audience again for the shows this summer at the Plantations -- and other offerings at Fall Creek. Great job! Nice, friendly atmosphere too."
"Enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Could understand every word. Found the actors accomplished, enjoyed their brio. Loved the comic elements and the songs. Laughed a lot. So glad to have the opportunity to see Shakespeare performed locally. Thanks to all!"
"We loved the show! The performers were wonderful and the intimate space really enhanced the experience. Thanks for making this happen."