Summer 2017: Richard III / Much Ado About Nothing (2017)

Audience Comments

Richard III

"We loved it!!! Such an enjoyable evening. I don't have the program with me right now, but special kudos to those playing Richard III and Queen Margaret and Duke of Buckingham. They were all very powerful and riveting. Love this new location. So transporting. Had to tear my eyes away from actors now and then to take in the sun-soaked beauty of the far shores."
"Richard III is a standout production. Both thrilling and deeply moving, all actors excelled. In particular, the supporting women actors were impressive. Margaret’s vengeance was terrifying and Lady Anne effectively captured her position as a conflicted pawn. The Duchess of York broodingly conveyed her heavy burdens. Queen Elizabeth’s nuanced performance was electrifying to watch, and she made the audience cry with her. During Richard’s nightmare, when the ghosts of those he had killed come before him, the reverberating voices of Margaret, the Duchess, and Elizabeth punctuate an incredibly powerful scene. The entire cast was brilliant."
"The acting was superb. The sound was excellent. And the weather was at its best."
"My wife and I and our 2 children (10 and 12 years) loved the performance! All of the actors were excellent. Our children were inspired. We're definitely coming again."
"The acting and the sword fighting was absorbing. I was transported."
"I thought it was great! I thought Richard was phenomenal, everyone was good, enunciation and projection very fine, the choice to use the Mahler as music was brilliant, the singing very evocative, the costumes very well designed and executed. Really high caliber all around."
"It was superb! The leads and the supporting actors were very effective in taking an esoteric and complicated plot and making it real for this audience member (and my daughter who accompanied me). Add this production to a string of bright performances I have enjoyed over the years."
"Creative, engaging, fantastic setting, great acting."
"Excellent! I wish I had discovered ISC sooner. Despite the issue with difficulty in understanding period English, the acting itself told enough of the story to make it all very enjoyable."
"Great smash finish to the ambitious history cycle."
"The play was exceptionally well done with several standout performances, not the least of which was the outstanding Daniel Wisniewski as Richard. Everything clicked with actors confident in their roles, often delivering brisk and engaging dialog. Set, costumes, and sound all contributed to a thoroughly enjoyable and engrossing experience."
"Well-crafted all the way around. The dream sequence was chilling. The fight scenes were very well done. Daniel Wisniewski in the title role brings a humanity to a monstrous villain and makes him a sympathetic character."
"Excellent! I wish I had discovered ISC sooner."
"We thought the performance was very well done. We liked the actors and the sets very much. Especially impressive were the walls the actors appeared and disappeared from and the actor that portrayed Richard III was excellent and convincing in the role."
"It was fabulous as always ~ to the bloody end : ) Kudos to the wonderfully talented cast, we had a great time. Best place to be on a summer evening in Ithaca!"
"It was incredible! The actor who played Richard was outstanding and the direction was fabulous!!"
"The performance was excellent--sane, sensible, exciting, moving. The actor playing Richard was particularly fine, catching so much of Richard's intelligence and charm. Most wonderful to me was that I took my 12 and 14 year old girls, who were quite skeptical about seeing a history play--and they adored it."
"First rate, wonderful. Idyllic, exquisite, memorable, loved it."
"The acting, staging and costumes were wonderful. It was magical how Wisniewski transformed himself into Richard. Sandra Sackey gave an incredibly electrifying performance."
"Fabulous !!! Great performance of a great play! Loved Margaret and Richard .... But everyone was great!"
"This was the second time we saw this staging of Richard III and I and my wife and the entire audience loved it. This last performance was perfection. It was flawless and all the actors were so 'into it'. Superb!!!"
"Wonderful. Intelligible. This playwright should go far."
"I can not believe how good it was."

Much Ado About Nothing

"Loved it! Wonderful production. Adored the leads but really, the whole cast was terrific."
"I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and loved how creatively the lines and scenes were interpreted. The actors really drew me in with their wholehearted performances, and the personality that was infused into each character. I really enjoyed the choreography too, including the scenes with Dogberry and his partner, and the surprise chase at the very end. The music was nicely done. I was surprised by how fresh the performance seemed, though I thought I knew the play well before. This company gave an old play a whole new life, while keeping the original spirit. Well done!"
"Loved it! Loved it! What a fabulous job ALL the actors did."
"It was great! Sound was good, actors were fantastic, the stage and set were perfect."
"The show was great. Great production company! Have been coming for many years!"
"I thought the performance was quite good. I am always impressed with the talent of those who are involved in these productions."
"Awesome! So funny and lively and surprisingly easy to follow (I'm not a Shakespeare fan really and often his shows go over my head - but the body language helped a LOT to put it all together.) Location: Gorgeous - I was really impressed by the way the trees framed the stage. A light breeze came off the water. It was idyllic."
"The setting was magical! I came with friends and we set up a blanket in the front and enjoyed a picnic dinner before and during the performance. It was lovely!"
"Thoroughly enjoyed the performance. The singing greeters were a lovely touch! And the opening sketch about cell phones and not wandering in the grass was fun. Overall a delightful evening!"
"Fantastic!!! Benedict was hysterical."
"The performance was very well done and the actors seemed like they were having a great time."
"It was fun, very well acted, great costumes. Most entertaining."
"Wonderful! My teenage grandkids had studied it last year and loved the performance."
"I loved the performance! This is an easy Shakespeare to love, of course, but ISC did a great job. The choreography was splendid."