Henry V (2016)

Audience Comments

"What a powerful production! Costumes, sets, and lighting perfectly captured this rich drama. The portrayal of Henry was outstanding, as was the nuanced and vibrant voice of the Chorus. Fluellen provided very effective comic relief and Montjoy was terrific as the French messenger. Can't remember when I was more engaged watching a play before."
"What a fabulous production - from accents to acting, from scenery to stage-fighting, from costumes to casting. Do what you can to see this terrific show!"
"Great! Very energetic and easy to follow. Costumes were fantastic. Henry, in particular, was very good. I hope to see another production soon!"
"Performance was great, the acting was superb."
"An epic and beautifully visual show."
"Beautiful sets and costumes, incredible swordfighting! I liked this the best of the history plays I have seen so far. Some really wonderful performances."
"I thought it was an amazing performance. The fight choreography, costumes, and set really helped to get involved in the event. I am always impressed how Hangar Theater puts the audience into the action along with amazing actors new and old that always give it their best."
"Loved it. For some reason, this performance was easier to understand, the language was easier, and the story is/was simpler. The time went fast. The acting was really great, the scene changes worked well and were fast. Great job and looking forward to the next histories!"
"It was splendid! Really enjoying the history play series. This was very well done."
"Wonderful! Loved the production, makes me want to attend more local theatre events."
"The Ithaca Shakespeare Company created a marvelous event in its performance of Henry V. I had always wanted to see it performed live and this did not disappoint. Thank you for a wonderful evening! My only regret was not seeing the first two productions in this Shakespearian historical rendering. I will do all I can not to miss any future events."
"I was very impressed by the performers."
"One of the best you have done. I particularly enjoyed the program notes, the cover and the costumes. Thank you all for bringing Shakespeare to this community."
"Great! Very good acting, especially Henry V, and well choreographed sword fights."
"This is the second Shakespeare (Richard II) play my father and I have seen at the Hanger Theater. Both plays were attended on bitterly cold nights. The performance was outstanding both times, The scenery, costumes and acting were excellent. I have recommended these plays to all my friends (who being uncultured think that I am crazy). My only suggestion: warmer weather and more Shakespeare."
"Wonderful -- will see it a second time before end of run. Impressive production in all ways. Exemplary casting; staging superb; also appreciate all the work that went into program notes (and into shorter explanations on web site in weeks leading up to opening)."
"Over two dozen actors in 30+ roles is a recipe for chaos, but the production went on without a hitch. The actors worked wonderfully together to lead the audience from drama to humor and back again throughout the play. Despite a smallish stage and sparse set, the ensemble totally drew me into Henry's world. A wonderful surprise were the extensive and illuminating program notes, which I'm saving for future reference. All in all it was a wonderful evening, and made for a great Valentine's Day date. I've enjoyed other ISC productions, and I'll definitely be back for more. How lucky Ithaca is to have ISC!"
"Wonderful! Sets, period costumes, and performance all quite well done. Bravo! I will certainly attend again. I found the portrayal of the French King Charles particularly intriguing. Kenneth Branagh's production omits this. While the extent of Charles' dementia may have been exaggerated by Shakespeare's English contemporaries in order to better contrast with their own beloved King, it does reflect the history more accurately."
"It was worth going just for the magnificent costumes."
"We thoroughly enjoyed the total experience. The play was beautifully presented, the actors were outstanding, the fight choreography was exceptional, the casting excellent, the staging and sets imaginative and well executed."
"Henry V - Extraordinary swordplay! Wonderful acting. Very clever & effective set. Can't wait to see the rest of the series!"
"I thought the performance was excellent! I could not have enjoyed it more."
"Amazing! So complex, such great acting."
"We really enjoyed it. Agincourt scenes & fights were especially good. We look forward to Richard III."
"It was wonderful and entertaining. Well worth the 5 hour round trip!"
"It was obvious that tremendous care and professionalism and hard work were poured into this production. The acting was superb, costumes were gorgeous, blocking, lighting and set worked together to make an exciting show. The actors played their parts with great energy and enjoyment, with a depth of understanding and regard for the text."
"It was great! I thought the actors were all very good - they delivered the lines clearly and with enough time for most of the meaning to sink in, which can be difficult with Shakespeare since the language is often hard to understand. The supporting actors did a good job of reacting to what the main speakers were saying so that the audience could tell when things were being funny vs. serious, etc. The costumes and set were fabulous."
"Very well played. Actors were so into their parts. Their focus on each other was very believable. The attention they gave to the length of this play was admirable. Thanks so much for the performance. I enjoyed it immensely."