Hamlet (2007)


Poster design by Melanie Uhlir


In summer 2007, the Ithaca Shakespeare Company took on what many consider the greatest play ever written - a tragedy of love found and lost, murder, cruelty, ghosts, revenge, and existential angst, it also offers wicked comedy, exciting action, and a celebration of the art of acting.

"I've been coming to your shows for years. Your work is remarkable."

"I felt completely drained
after watching it -
which is how you know that Shakespeare is done right."

One of the most rewarding aspects of this production for me was the work we did to explore the "backstory" of Hamlet. Shakespeare's text gives us a lot of tantalizing hints about the characters before the events of the play take place. What was Hamlet like before his father was killed? What was the nature of his relationship with Ophelia? With the players? With his father? With Yorick? Considering these questions had a big impact on how we saw the things that do happen in the play. - Stephen Ponton, Director

"A unique and entertaining experience that...should not be passed up."
- Ithaca Journal
"It just takes your breath away."
"When Ophelia was singing and crying in the rain...Hollywood couldn't have done it better."
"I had tears running down my face - and this is the third time
I've seen it!"


HamletDanny Makali'i Mittermeyer
King ClaudiusEd Schiff*
Queen GertrudeJudith Andrew
PoloniusDave Dietrich
LaertesJon Rosales
OpheliaMelanie Uhlir
HoratioKyle Schantz-Hilton
Ghost of Hamlet's FatherMarty Heresniak
RosencrantzJoanna Horton
GuildensternMickey Pearlstein-Gluck
OsricKelly Andronicos
MarcellusRobert J. Deluca
BernardoMickey Pearlstein-Gluck
FranciscoJon Rosales
GravediggerRobert J. Deluca
Second GravediggerMickey Pearlstein-Gluck
First Player/Player KingRobert J. Deluca
Player QueenKelly Andronicos
PlayerJon Rosales
PriestMarty Heresniak
DirectorSteve Ponton
Stage ManagerChristina Caraco
Costume DesignLauren Cowdery
Fight ChoreographerSarah Dunlap
PropsMarty Heresniak
Dave Dietrich
Publicity/Posters/Website DesignMelanie Uhlir
Portrait PaintingBen Andrew

All music composed and/or arranged by Marty Heresniak. For information on voice and singing lessons, go to http://users.arczip.com/voxnaturalis/

Special Thanks

Melanie, Dave, and Marty for all their work on logistics and props; everyone at Cornell Plantations who labored to make this production possible - Don Rakow, Christopher Bolgiano, Lisa Trust, Kevin Moss, Rachel Kennedy, and the volunteers at each show; Ben Andrew for painting the two portraits.