Antony and Cleopatra (2003)


Poster design by Melanie Uhlir

"The intensity was amazing."
"I was completely blown away by it."

The production that started it all!

Far from playing it safe, the ISC began their Shakespeare series at Cornell Plantations by leaping into this massive, complex, and rarely performed historical tragedy about a Roman warrior and an Egyptian queen who defy the world for love.

"I was riveted."
"It was absolutely magical."

The play covers a span of ten years, and chronicles both the political and military battles between Marc Antony and Octavius Caesar and the tempestuous personal relationship between Antony and Cleopatra over that time.

"I've been telling everyone I meet to go see it!"

Cutting back and forth from Egypt to Rome with cinematic agility, encompassing battles, pirates, and some of the most sensual moments in all of Shakespeare, Antony and Cleopatra is an extraordinary story of larger-than-life characters playing for the highest stakes imaginable.

"What a feat!"
"You made me realize what a great play this is."

The Cast

Mark AntonyStephan Wolfert*
CleopatraPilar Carrillo
Octavius CaesarTravis Atkinson
Friends and followers of Antony:
EnobarbusRobert De Luca
Philo / ScarrusChristopher Davis
ErosRachael Williamson
CamidiusDavid Romm
VentidiusRoss Housewright
SilliusRachael Williamson
DercetusCole Long
SchoolmasterCole Long
Friends and followers of Octavius Caesar:
AgrippaDavid Dietrich
DolabellaGiorgina Zinunula
GallusDavid Romm
Octavia, Caesar's sisterGretchen Poulos
Members of Cleopatra's court:
CharmianRuth Roland
IrasMelanie Uhlir
AlexasRoss Housewright
Mardian / ClownBeau Brinker
SoothsayerCole Long
LepidusKim Brown
Pompey (Sextus Pompeius)David Romm
Pirates serving Pompey:
MenasMelanie Uhlir
MenecratesBritney Dann
Soldiers, Messengers, AttendantsChristopher Davis
Gretchen Poulos,
Kim Brown,
Britney Dann,
Emily Shumway,
Elizabeth Usher,
Elana Brochin
DirectorSteve Ponton
Costume DesignerLauren Cowdery
Fight ChoreographyStephan Wolfert
Poster and Program DesignMelanie Uhlir

The Music

All musical selections are taken from three pieces by Johannes Brahms Symphony no. 4 in E minor; Piano Concerto no. 1 in D minor; and the Piano Quintet in F minor. Arranged for solo viola by Steve Ponton and Ruth Roland. Performed by Ruth Roland.


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Special Thanks

Melanie, Ruth, and Dave D. for all their hard work and organizational support; Lauren and her wonderful crew of costumers - Ruth and Melanie, Barbara Usher, Betsy Cowdery, Gretchen Poulos, Vanessa Bowman, Mandy Monroe, and Zoe Romm; Tanya, Kent, and Pam in the Cornell Theatre department for their efforts on our behalf; Krista Scott for lending her time and expertise; Alternatives Federal Credit Union, Tompkins County Trust Company, Borders Books and Music, Ogbo Awa, evolution, and Loose Threads for financial assistance; Mer Boel/Water Bear; Jason Keagle at Gnomon Copy for all his help and skill; Bryan Van Campen, Jessica Del Mundo, and Pamela Goddard of the Ithaca Times for the wonderful articles; and Angelica Mitchell (Ithaca Times), and Barbara and David Usher for the beautiful photographs.