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Auditions, Acting Classes,
And Summer 2016

Auditions for Summer and Fall 2016

ISC will be holding auditions April 3-10, 2016 for three upcoming shows: our summer 2016 outdoor productions of Twelfth Night and Henry VI, and our November 2016 production of Macbeth at the Hangar Theatre.

So if you're itching to get on the stage with us, swing a sword at someone, and be part of these amazing casts, this is your chance!

See more information and sign up for an audition time here

Acting Shakespeare Classes

There are only a few spots left in our Acting Shakespeare: Character And Scene Study class, which runs Tuesday and Thursday evenings from April 5-28. Previous participants described this class as a "super-enjoyable, very challenging, immersive college-level seminar in acting Shakespeare, with a lot of personal attention."

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now if you want to be part of this intensive exploration of Shakespearean acting technique!

See the details and register now

Summer 2016:
Henry VI: A Tiger's Heart
Twelfth Night

"The very best summer thing."
-- Warren Greenwood, Ithaca Times

This summer, we'll be pairing the fourth installment in our history series with one of Shakespeare's richest and best-loved romantic comedies.

Henry VI: A Tiger's Heart
July 7, 9, 15, 17, 21, 23 at 6 pm

When Henry V dies and leaves his young son on the throne, the divisions in the kingdom break open and England erupts into civil war. The Wars of the Roses pit the house of Lancaster against the house of York — one led by one of Shakespeare's most formidable women, and the other driven by the ominous rise of the future Richard III.

Drawing on material from all three parts of Shakespeare's Henry VI, this sweeping epic features the first appearance of Richard III, two of Shakespeare's strongest women in Queen Margaret and Joan of Arc, the scene that gave birth to the phrase "the Wars of the Roses," a popular rebellion with the slogan "Let's kill all the lawyers!", and some of the most thrilling and intense conflicts that Shakespeare ever created.

The game of thrones heats up to boiling point in this show, so put it on your calendars now!

Twelfth Night
July 8, 10, 14, 16, 22, 24 at 6 pm

An exploration of love in all its forms, the crowning glory of Shakespeare's romantic comedies is a richly layered and endlessly entertaining play. Hilariously funny and deeply romantic, Twelfth Night features: a shipwreck, a clever heroine in disguise, twins that no one can tell apart, multiple cases of mistaken identity, a lovesick count, a lovesick countess, a pair of drunken pranksters, a duel (sort of), a pair of yellow stockings, a pirate, a fool, a madman, a bunch of lovers, a bunch of songs, one of the greatest practical jokes in all of literature, and a whole lot of smiling!

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