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Summer 2013: Much Ado About Othello

July 11-14 and 18-21, 2013

July 25-28 and August 1-3, 2013

All shows at 6 pm in the F.R. Newman Arboretum at Cornell Plantations.

Our Summer 2013 season pairs Shakespeare's most intense tragedy with one of his most delightful comedies — both exploring the nature and consequences of jealousy, "the green-eyed monster."

From Beatrice and Benedick's rapid-fire banter to the immortal Dogberry's crime-fighting crew to Iago's heart-rending destruction of Othello and Desdemona, this will be a summer you won't want to miss!

When Don Pedro and his soldiers arrive in sunny Messina for some much-needed R&R, love blossoms and Beatrice and Benedick rekindle their merry war of wit. Don Pedro attempts to out-do Cupid by tricking Beatrice and Benedick into falling in love with each other, while Don John and his drunken henchmen scheme to ruin the marriage of their hated rival.

Flamenco music, large-scale dances, romance, wit and wordplay, one of Shakespeare's smartest heroines, and the most hopeless night watchmen ever imagined come together in this brilliant romantic comedy.

Othello and Desdemona marry in secret and refuse to be parted when Othello must go to war in Cypress. There, against the backdrop of an impending invasion, Othello's most trusted friend — and Shakespeare's most complex villain — plants the seeds that will destroy them all.

With penetrating psychological insight, Shakespeare's most emotionally intense tragedy explores the destructive effects of jealousy, racism, class resentment, gender inequality, and the tragic human truth that we can never truly know what another person is thinking.