How to Audition with a Pre-Recorded Video

If you are thinking of submitting a pre-recorded video audition, please follow the instructions below. For more information about the live Zoom audition option, please check out our main: Audition Info Page.

Q: How do I choose whether to submit a pre-recorded audition or do it live with Zoom video-chat?

A: If you are able to audition live with Zoom, please do so -- it will allow the directors a chance to meet you and interact with you. If you are unable to audition live with Zoom, you can submit a pre-recorded audition video.

Q: If I'm switching from a scheduled audition slot to a pre-recorded video audition, do I need to tell anyone?

A: Yes -- please email as soon as possible so we can cancel your live audition slot.

Q: I need to submit a pre-recorded audition instead of a Zoom video-chat. How do I do that?

A: To submit a pre-recorded audition: record yourself reading the sides, post the video on YouTube or elsewhere, and e-mail a link (along with your audition form, and theatrical resume and headshot if including them) to no later March 29th. Please let us know if you decide to do this so that we can cancel your Zoom audition slot.

Q: What is the due date for pre-recorded auditions?

A: March 29.

Q: Which sides should I read for a pre-recorded audition?

For each show you are auditioning for, please choose three contrasting sides. So, for instance, if you are auditioning for both Romeo & Juliet and Comedy of Errors, please do six total sides (three each). If one of your pieces is a dialogue, have someone else read the other role off-camera.