Black Lives Matter

The Ithaca Shakespeare Company strongly believes that Black Lives Matter.

We stand with those who are fighting against racial injustice and add our voices to theirs in condemning the systemic racism, violence, and oppression that have caused so much suffering for so many people of color for so long.

We also understand that words are not enough, and we acknowledge that we have not done enough to create change. We can do more, we must do more, and we will do more. We are listening and learning and making a commitment to take meaningful action now and in the future.

We realize that one of the most important steps in overcoming racism is to look at ourselves and recognize its presence in our own behaviors and attitudes. We are committed to facilitating conversations about racism throughout our organization, including with our audiences and those who join us in our productions.

Our response will continue to evolve, but we will begin by committing to the following actions:

  • We will create a new paid internship program for people of color, to begin in conjunction with our Summer 2021 productions.
  • We will continually, actively seek out individuals who can bring greater diversity to all levels of our organization, from our board and staff to our creative teams, casts, and audiences.
  • We will actively seek input from the actors and artists in each of our productions, and from other organizations and individuals who can challenge us and help us understand what we can do better to enhance diversity and create a safe space for individuals of all races and identities to create art together.
  • We will help promote and share the work of other organizations working for racial justice through our social media and other channels of communication.
  • We will make these principles a core component of our work as an organization and will not allow them to fade from our consciousness. We will review our progress on an ongoing basis and will ask our actors, artists, and audiences to hold us accountable.
  • We will continue to listen and learn and add to our plan of action as we move forward.